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A word from the creator

I use my cell phone for what it was designed many years ago: for simple communication. I make short phone calls, send SMSes and communicate on WhatsApp with my family and my closest friends. That's all. One thing I could do if I only had the right application is to manage my tasks and to measure the time of some events. Saying "tasks" I mean:
  • Something to do in the near or far future, in most cases without a specific date.
  • List of items that I should buy in the very near future (today or tomorrow).

Both things, tasks and duration measurement, were reflected in the application icon that I designed. You can find there a "marker" used to indicate the completed task, which at the same time serves as a hand of a clock.

The name of the application has evolved over time. Initial, ToDoList, was far from perfect - there are many applications with a similar name. Then I changed it to NoToDo, which should be understood as Not Only To Do, i.e. not only to be done (because the time measurement was important for me). Then it was TasksAndTimers - a bit long and very typical. Finally, I have found Corti as a short form from Check OR Time It (which should be understood as Mark [as completed] or measure). Short, easy to remember and significantly different from all others.

At the beginning of 2018, I made the decision to write my own application designed exactly as I wanted and needed. The coding began on April 18. Whenever I had "my" free time, I devoted most of it to developing the application: coding, creating graphics, testing, etc.


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